Planting Hope: Iakinthos, Tsilivi Beach Guests Help Reforest the Earth

Planting Hope: Iakinthos, Tsilivi Beach Guests Help Reforest the Earth

Introduction: At Iakinthos, Tsilivi Beach, we believe in the power of sustainability and giving back to the planet. That’s why, for every unique guest who graces our shores in 2021, we’re teaming up with @projectearthly to plant a tree. It’s our way of reducing our footprint on Earth and making a positive impact for future generations.

1 Guest 😎 = 1 Tree 🌳

Our Partnership with @projectearthly: We’re proud to announce our partnership with @projectearthly, an organization dedicated to environmental conservation and reforestation efforts. Together, we’re kicking off our initiative with a Mangrove planting project in Madagascar. By planting trees, we’re not only helping to regenerate ecosystems but also providing local communities with improved financial and food security.

Making a Difference Year after Year: Our commitment to sustainability doesn’t end in 2021. We’re dedicated to continuing our efforts to protect the planet for years to come. With the support of our guests, we aim to expand our reforestation projects and implement even more eco-friendly initiatives. Together, we can make a lasting difference in preserving our Earth’s natural beauty.

Join Us in Protecting the Planet: As you plan your holiday at Iakinthos, Tsilivi Beach, know that you’re not just booking a vacation — you’re contributing to a greater cause. Your stay with us helps support reforestation efforts and sustainability initiatives that benefit the environment and local communities. Come, enjoy the beauty of Zakynthos, and leave a positive impact on the world.

Conclusion: At Iakinthos, Tsilivi Beach, we’re more than just a destination — we’re a community dedicated to making a difference. With your support, we can continue to plant hope, one tree at a time, and protect the planet for future generations. Thank you for choosing Iakinthos, Tsilivi Beach, and for joining us in our mission to create a more sustainable and beautiful world.

Iakinthos Team

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